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Auto Scrubber


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Battery-Powered Wrangler 2016 DB (Wheel-Drive) and
Wrangler 2016 AB (Pad-Assist) Specifications
Cord-Electric Wrangler 2016 AE
(Pad-Assist) Specifications
(When different from battery

A tight turning radius and scrub head lock-down feature
allow the mid-sized Wrangler 2016 to tackle heavy scrub and
standard scrub jobs with ease. Its 20-in. scrubbing path makes
quick work of any task. A rugged, rotocast-polyethylene body
and 7-gauge steel frame deliver long term durability.

Wrangler® 2016
20-Inch Automatic Scrubber
NSS® Enterprises, Inc.
3115 Frenchmens Road
Toledo, Ohio 43607-2958

Large tanks—16-gallon (61 l.) solution and 17-gallon (64 l.) recovery—
keep this mid-size scrubber on the job longer.
Battery-powered models include an on-board battery charger for
convenient recharging anywhere an electric outlet is available.
Swing squeegee with breakaway feature and Linatex blades provides
excellent pickup even on turns, both forward and reverse.
Front-fill and drain of tanks saves time. Both functions can be
completed by simply taking the machine to a slop sink, without turning
it around.

Three models of the Wrangler 2016 are available to fit your needs.
The Wrangler 2016 DB is battery-powered with wheel drive for easier
maneuvering, especially up inclines. Two pad-assist models are also
available—the battery-powered 2016 AB and cord-electric 2016 AE.

Twister approval means stone and concrete floors can
be scrubbed without harmful chemicals, protecting the

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