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A wide, productive walk-behind battery burnisher, the Charger
2717 AB produces a wet-look shine previously only attainable
with a propane buffer, but without the high maintenance
requirements, noise, emissions, and safety concerns.

Charger 2717 AB
27-Inch Battery Burnisher
NSS® Enterprises, Inc.
3115 Frenchmens Road
Toledo, Ohio 43607-2958

3-HP pad drive motor for 3 hours of maximum power.
0-70 pounds of pad pressure for that brilliant, high gloss shine.
Quiet operation (only 68 dBA) means minimal disruption to customers
and co-workers.
PROeye battery fluid level indicator, standard on NSS batteries, allows
the operator to see at a glance when water needs to be added to a
Sturdy, 10-gauge steel frame provides a strong, rugged structure.
Low profile pad driver makes burnishing under shelves easy.
Vac-Trac Dust Collection System collects the pad dust created by

Charger 2717 AB Specifications
©2009 NSS Enterprises, Inc.
Digital readout lets the operator know the percentage of
usable battery life remaining. It also displays diagnostic
codes if service is needed. The microprocessor monitors
battery voltage and protects the batteries from overdischarging.
The built-in battery tray and drain permit quick clean-up in
the case of battery acid spills inside the machine.
With the Vac-Trac Dust Collection System, powder is
removed through natural air movement by pad rotation. This
powder is collected in a paper filter bag located next to the
burnishing head.
The Flexiwall shield surrounds the pad, preventing debris
from entering the pad rotation area.
The durable powder-coated 12-gage body is built for
heavy-duty commercial use.
The on-board battery charger provides the convenience of
recharging anytime, anywhere.

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