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Diamond Touch POS


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Diamond Touch POS

Five Reasons Why DiamondTouch POS Software is The Best Choice!

1. Experience
DiamondTouch has been around since 1988 and has installed over 7000 systems nationwide. We have the experience to provide you with a POS system that is customized exactly to your specifications. DiamondTouch is the ideal system for your POS requirements, whether you are an established restaurant or a new start-up, a one-store operation or a multi-store chain.

2. People
DiamondTouch is a better company because of its people.
No other POS company has a more experienced and dedicated team of pizza software professionals. From the moment you call the office to the time your new system is installed you can tell that the people at DiamondTouch are the best. And you only want the best people helping you run your business.

3. Easy to Use

There is no easier system to use and set up than DiamondTouch. As a matter of fact over 72% of our customers selected DiamondTouch because it was easy to use. Don’t take our word for it. Watch some of the video testimonials and see and hear for yourself how easy our system is to use. Most customers can learn how to use the system in less than 5 minutes.

4. Reliability

You can count on the DiamondTouch system delivering the benefits that you expect. As a matter of fact in our recent survey 74% of our customers started seeing measurable improvements in their business within 30 days after implementing the system. 87% saw measurable improvements within 3 months. In the same survey 60% of our customers said that the system paid for itself within the first year. That means that after the first year the system not only pays for itself but also puts money in your pockets by controlling food costs, reducing theft, increasing order accuracy, decreasing lost tickets and increasing order speed. The bottom line is that the DiamondTouch system does what it is supposed to do. Over 43% said that their business is growing and more profitable because of DiamondTouch and other 44% of our customers say they now have more control over their business.

5. Innovation
DiamondTouch was first in virtually every category in POS development. DiamondTouch is constantly improving and finding ways to be better. Nothing beats DiamondTouch and no other system is easier to use and set up! We built our system especially for you the pizza owner!

As your business grows or your menu changes, DiamondTouch will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Nothing is faster or more powerful. Nothing is more complete.

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