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NSS Wrangler 2730 and 3330


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Wrangler® 2730/3330 DB

27 and 33-Inch Automatic Scrubbers
With the high performance Wrangler 2730 and 3330 DB,
cleaning large areas has never been easier. These rugged and
maneuverable autoscrubbers are unsurpassed for cleaning
power, productivity, and dependability.

The large 30-gallon solution tank and oversized recovery tank mean
fewer refills, saving time and labor dollars.

Variable speed wheel-drive, in both forward and reverse, provides
exceptional maneuverability. It also allows the operator to match the
machine’s working speed to a comfortable pace, reducing fatigue.
Two .75 HP brush motors and a powerful .75 HP vacuum motor (1
HP vacuum motor optional) combine with up to 200 pounds of brush
pressure to handle heavy scrub jobs with ease.

The high-frequency, “smart” on-board battery charger uses a
temperature sensor to maximize charging efficiency.
Available in both 27-inch and 33-inch scrub paths, these Wranglers are
cost-savers for large areas up to 90,000 square feet.
Optional Auto-Fill Battery Watering System and optional Low-Water
Battery Alarm are available to help assure long battery life.

Adjustable water flow helps conserve water use. The frame is made from recycled steel,the batteries from recycled materials; and both are recyclable.
Brush/Pad 2730/3330
Pad Drivers 2730/3330
Two 6 in (15 cm) mounted on rubber shock absorber
Adjustable manual valve control with automatic solution shut-off in neutral;
emergency stop button; brush pressure adjustment lever; vacuum and brush switches
32 in (81 cm), 38 in (97 cm), swing-type, adjustable, Linatex blades, curved
squeegee available
Ergonomic handle grips and a tosion spring throttle make it easy to modulate working speed Hour meter tracks scheduled maintenance intervals. The recovery tank holds 33 gallons, extending runtime and increasing productivity. The on-board battery charger provides the convenience of charging batteries anytime. Optional low profile side skirt provides clearance under counters. Side skirts can be mounted upside down for transport. 7-gage steel frame provides a solid foundation.
Large bumper wheels reduce the possibility of squeegee damage
The parallel-arm squeegee bracket stays flat to the floor when raised, preventing bumping or catching the assembly.

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