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The SPS-2000 is easily configured to meet the needs of various table service, quick service and retail applications. It supports a full complement of POS peripherals, including printers, a comprehensive kitchen video system (KVS), POSscales, scanners, order confirmation board and connects to a back office or remote PC for polling and program maintenance.

Like PC-based hospitality POS systems, the SPS-2000 features touch screen operation – however unlike PC systems, the SPS-2000 has no hard disk drive, running its proprietary built-in application software from on-board flash memory and storing data on non-volatile RAM. This ECR-like design provides significant advantages in speed, reliability, recovery from power interruptions, and can be setup and installed at a lower cost and in significantly less time than many PC-based POS systems.

* The SPS-2000 provides vivid color with a high resolution (1024×768) super-bright 12.1″ TFT LCD touch screen.
* Supports peripherals with six serial, one parallel and two USB ports.
* Networks through standard Ethernet communications.
* Ergonomically designed, the screen can be tilted from 22° to 77° and the small footprint preserves counter space in cramped quarters.
* High Performance memory can be flexibly allocated to support large menus or item files, check files, customer reports and employee time/attendance files.

Table Service:
Casual Dining, Family Style Restaurants, Bar/Restaurants
QSR: Sandwich, Bakery, Pizza, Coffee, Taco, Hamburger, Ice Cream
Retail: Specialty Foods, Specialty Gourmet, Deli’s, Liquor, Beer/Wine, Gift Shop

* Up To 40,000 PLUs
* Up To 99 Groups
* Up To 9,999 PLU Status Groups
* Up To 200 Key Links
* 20 Price Levels
* Stock Management
* Ingredient
* Condiment Item
* Manager Control
* Link PLU
* 16 Character Descriptors
* Up To 999 Clerks
* Receipt On Demand
* Training Mode
* 6 Taxes
* 10 Discounts/Surcharges
* Cash/Check/Misc 1-16 Tendering
* 5 Currency Conversion Rates
* 0-3 Decimal Point (Selectable)
* 5-Line Preamble Message
* 5-Line Postamble Message
* Add Check
* Table Management
* Post Tendering
* Eat-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru Functions
* Time I/O Functions
* Cash Declaration
* Up To 32 Registers
* Promotion Table
* Paid Check Recall
* Electronic Journal
* 60 Reports (Approx.)
* Not Found PLU
* Electronic Payment Processing Ready
* Gift Card Processing Ready

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