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ZAP VAN Shuttle


Looking for a ZAP VAN Shuttle?

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The ZAPVAN SHUTTLE is the multi-purpose fleet solution for municipalities, colleges and universities, airports, hospitals or the corporate campus. As part of your green fleet, the SHUTTLE will serve as a valuable resource for transporting large cargo and passenger loads.

Performance Specifications
* RANGE: Up to 40 miles
* TOP SPEED: 25 mph

Technical Specifications
* STEERING MECHANISM: Rack and Pinion steering
* BRAKING MECHANISM: Dual-circuit front disk / Rear drum
* WHEELBASE: 79 inches
* TURNING RADIUS: 15.25 feet
* CURB WEIGHT: 2288 lbs
* PASSENGER CAPACITY: Four passenger (People mover configuration) , Two passenger (Cargo configuration)
* BATTERY TYPE: Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Lead-acid
* MOTOR: 72 Volt AC
* BATTERY CHARGING SYSTEM: 90-260 Volt input / 12V input / 12A output
* CHARGING TIME: 12 hour max charging
o Air Conditioning
o Solar panel
o Rapid Charge

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